Hi, I’m Sue Bates and I’m a therapist with 40 yrs. experience. I teach women how to Date and Create a healthy relationship…

Most people need to date online these days, everyone is so busy, it’s hard to meet in person.

You’re getting a bit worried. A lot of your friends are getting married and you’re thinking, “For the love of god, why can’t I find a good man?”

  • I know you want to find that guy to share your life with.
  • The one that is ready, the one to go hike with or sit on the couch with.
  • The one that will go the distance, the one that is grown up and ready!

You’re seeing a pattern with the guys you’re dating and it’s not a good one.


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I’m breaking down HOW to date online, most people are busy today and to meet a good selection of men, you need to do online dating.

It’s ok, it’s a really good way to date! I help a lot of women do it every week.

I’ll show you how to do it and actually have fun. (oh, yes you can.)

But you need to know what to look for and how to show who you are so you don’t waste anymore time.

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