What is a Narcissistic Man Like?

Are you with a really selfish man with little concern for your happiness…or getting over one? Or gives you the silent treatment?

He may be a Narcissist…

Do you feel?

  • Very confused about what happened? You go over and over it in your head and you just can’t figure it out!
  • You feel most of the time like you are not good enough?
  • Like you can’t trust yourself anymore. Even in other areas of your life.
  • You want to record your conversations because he denies he said things? Again, you are so confused!
  • Scared to talk to him about things. If you confront him with things he has done he gets really mad at you!
  • Your friends and family may really like him and not understand why you’re having such a hard time. Which makes you keep second guessing yourself. They say: “He seems like such a great guy! “He helps people out all the time.”
  • Or maybe no one really likes him, but you see the good in him. You want to make this work, so you keep trying and trying…

Those are some signs of a Narcissist.

Narcissistic Men: Covert Vs. Overt…

They are the same in a lot of ways. The covert can be really hard to spot, unless you know what to look for. They SEEM to really listen to you, to really care, they are supportive, AND they say sorry. A lot, actually. Overts pretty much never apologize.

BUT, then they say something like, “I’m just concerned about you…you seem…” And then they follow up with a negative about you. You ask them a direct question about something they said or did. And they say…”It seems like your triggers are coming out, what is that about?” It’s really sly and underhanded.

Or you have a big promotion and they get really sick. Guess you can’t celebrate, you need to take care of them.

It’s like cult leaders or pastors. They SEEM to love and care, but your intuition is saying hummmmm.

And these relationships tend to last a lot longer. 15 years or so.

Dealing with a Narcissist – I will help you…

If you are dating…I will help you spot them and see what is going on so you can stop dating these fools. They can really mess with your head.

If you have been in or are in a relationship with one now, I will help you do the grieving and be able to move on with your life when you are ready. The grieving is different when you have been with a Narcissist. And boy friends and family get tired of hearing it. “Why don’t you just move on!” They say. It’s important to talk to someone who really knows and understands what is going on. We will get your life back so you can “Be yourself.” again. And feel FREE! That is what people say when they have gone through the healing. It really does feel that way.

The way I work…

I don’t just sit and listen, I will give you information and homework so you can learn and grow…and be a powerful women again:)

I am only able to take a few people at this time. If you’re interested, just e-mail me. We’ll have a 15 min. phone chat to see if we’re a good match. I get back to you usually the same day.

Talk soon,


Therapy for Narcissistic Relationships in Seattle, WA

Sue Bates is a relationship therapist specializing in narcissistic relationships and recovering from a narcissist. Contact her today; online therapy available.

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