If you are looking for a relationship expert who gets it AND is willing to show you exactly what to do to get what you want in love, career, and family – Sue is your answer. Her work is 100% advice and solutions – no fluff included – so if you want clear and concise direction moving forward – I can’t recommend Sue enough!”
– McKenzie Zajonc

Sue’s my go-to for relationships. As a therapist, I know when clients need the kind of straight talk that Sue provides. So many relationship therapists and coaches just watch people make the same mistakes over and over while subtly drawing parallels and patterns. There’s nothing subtle about Sue, which is so refreshing. She’ll tell you flat out if you’re headed for the same train wreck as before without any hinting or sugar-coating. Though she’s up front and honest, she’s totally in your corner, pushing you towards a better life and a better relationship.
– Allison Puryear

I just crack up at the things Sue says. She has such a soft, soothing voice but when she’s working with you, she wants the best for you. She’ll guide you down the right path. She’s frank, honest, and up front. Sue has so much experience and wisdom, I highly trust her skills.
– Amy Crane

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